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Bendy Hair Rollers - Why we love them

We have all seen those pictures of women with gorgeous, long curled locks.  If curls are your goal, bendy hair rollers will get you there.

Distinguishable by their long, flexible, cushioned rods. And guess what, they are not just great for straight hair, girls with curly hair can use them as well to create long-lasting curls and waves. No more time wasting. The few minutes that you will spend applying them will get you curls that last.

It’s no secret that heat can damage our hair and this product can give you a no heat hair style. What a game changer.

Bendy Hair Roller Pack 

Have you ever spent an hour curling your hair with a curling wand or hot flat iron that will hopefully brush out to waves of your dreams only to discover that your hair went flat after 30 minutes.

So, why exactly does our hair lose shape so quickly?

The prep is almost as important as the actual work of curling your hair. One trick to getting your curls to last is using a product with hold. Whether it’s a moose, a hair spray, or a dry texture spray, your hair will already be ready to hold onto the curl. Using a dry texture spray instead of a hair spray allows it to stick to the hair curler rather than sliding off.

For best results use neat sections, equally distributing the bendy curlers throughout your hair. By not sectioning makes it easy to miss pieces, which makes your hair look flat even when it’s not.

Getting a good curl may work best on second or even third-day hair. If you need to regularly wash your hair and have it clean, you can add dry shampoo to your hair before you curl to give it some texture and volume.

You could be brushing out your curls, a brush can pull on your curls down, whereas using a wide-tooth comb or just your fingers will pull them apart without overdoing it. Make sure to spray them with hairspray or dry texture spray before you brush them out so the hold stays.


Bendy Hair Roller Application


The Bendy hair rollers are perfect for helping you achieve bouncy curls and waves without having to rely on heat styling. To create your own desired look, simply roll, bend and twist, for a beautiful bouncy curl. The hair rollers can bend into any shape, which keeps them anchored in place without pins or clips whilst being gentle on your hair.

Bendy rollers come in assorted sizes so styles can be easily customized depending on the look that you want. A large bendy hair roller diameter is great for stretching out a tight curl. You can use bendy rollers with the same diameter as your natural texture to define your curl pattern or use one slightly wider to stretch the curls.

For a tight hair curl result use the short bendy roller which are 18cm long and available in:

  • Short Red 12mm
  • Short Blue 14mm
  • Short Orange 16mm
  • Short Grey 18mm
  • Short Purple 20mm

For a larger hair curl result use the long bendy roller which are 24cm long and available in:

  • Long Purple 20mm


Bendy Hair Roller Sizes

How to use Bendy Hair Rollers

Start with hair that's about 90% dry and prep with a curl cream, gel, or mousse. Section off one to two inch pieces then wrap each one around a bendy roller before rolling it up roll vertically from end to root.

For lasting spiral curls use on towel dried hair. For softer waves use on dry hair. Leave in for a few hours or overnight. 

  • A single set of 12 rollers is enough if your hair is sparse and you want to curl it from your ears down.
  • 2 sets of 24 rollers is enough if your hair is fine and you want to curl it starting from the roots, or if your hair is denser and you want to curl it from your ears down.
  • 3 sets of 36 rollers enough if your hair is dense and you want to curl it starting from the roots.
  • 4 sets of 48 rollers recommended for those who have very dense hair and want to curl it from the roots.

How do I care for my Bendy Hair Rollers

The rollers are made of a very soft foam with a wire inside and to make them last as long as possible, be very gentle when applying and removing your curlers from your hair so that you don't damage the foam with the wire. After each use, straighten your curlers and the wire inside of them. This will allow the rollers to return to its original shape.


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