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Store Bought vs Salon Quality Hair Products

A question which often arises in my chair by a guest is why purchase a "costly" professional salon quality hair product over a more affordable product from your local store. There are a few factors which will validate a professional brand every time. First off, you have visited your salon and most likely invested a fair amount of spend in creating your desired look. Why wouldn’t you want to take out the adequate insurance to protect your investment. Would you purchase the Porsche without the warranty plan?

A little bit of science… Your salon quality brands are formulated to offer your hair it’s balanced pH. Your shampoo acts as an alkaline opening all those little cuticle layers of your hair, inviting your prescriptive rich conditioner or hair treatment right on in to get down to doing business. Your conditioner or hair mask are your acid-based products which snuggle deep into the hair shaft or cortex repairing or adding moisture where needed, locking it in by sealing the cuticles. Your store-bought products which are produced on-mass simply do not have the technology to shrink these wonderful molecules small enough to penetrate the hair shaft to offer as much of a prescriptive measure.

Your salon quality brands will do what they say on the tin. Your store-bought products only cosmetically mask the hair often using a higher detergent resulting in quicker colour fade, and usually have ingredients that can form build up on your hair, leaving hair feeling heavy and dull. Store bought products can also affect your hair’s natural pH which can cause other problems such as an oily or dry scalp. Your prescribed salon range advised to be used by a Hair Professional, will ensure you use the correct products for your hair type each and every time. Your hair will feel more healthy, manageable and look it’s best.

Salon quality brands are very concentrated and should last you up to 3 months of use. Store bought products are often less concentrate resulting in you having to purchase on a monthly basis. This is where false economy comes in. A little exercise I ask my guest to do is add up how much they regularly spend in a 3-month duration on their store products, then compare their spend to our once off purchase of Salon brands used for the same duration. This always shocks my guests. Nine times out of ten doing the math proves that repeated spend on store products works out more costly in the long run.

Although your professional brand is a higher investment at the get go, it has endurance far exceeding the finish line. Think of your salon quality shampoo & conditioner as a marathon runner next to the store-bought sprinter….

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