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Pepti Plus Pure Collagen Powder from Salon 33 Hair Co

Pepti Plus Pure Collagen Powder 200g

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Collagen for Healthy Skin, Body & Hair

Collagen makes up 40% of our body and serves as one of the building blocks in skin, hair, bones, tendons, ligaments, muscles, blood vessels and digestive tract.

Pepti Plus Pure is a pure hydrolysed bovine collagen peptide product.

Key Health benefits:

1. Amazing skin health
2. Stronger, thicker hair
3. Strong, healthy nails
4. Improved muscle growth and recovery – great for sport nutrition
5. Stronger, healthier joints and connective tissue
6. Relieves arthritic pain, anti-inflammatory
7. Improved bone density, stronger healthier bones
8. Improved eye health, takes away floaters
9. Enhanced tissue repair
10. Liver disease prevention and liver detoxification
11. Improved wound healing and post-operative healing
12. Vastly improved gut health; can heal leaky gut, IBS, Crohn's etc
13. Improved heart health
14. Excellent sleep quality
15. Improved mental health
16. Enhanced brain health
17. Greater metabolic function


How to use:

Mix into your everyday drinks and foods such as coffee, smoothies, yogurt, soups, eggs etc. Recommended dosage of 10 -20g per person per day.

The product does not contain any of the following:

  • Fillers
  • Flavours
  • Preservatives