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Wesson Therapeutics is a high quality skincare range that made its start amongst Plastic Surgeons and Oncologists to treat burns and sensitivity associated with cancer treatment.

Wesson Therapeutics specializes in the care of compromised skin, including allergy-prone skin types such as eczema and psoriasis as well as conditions of post-radiation and post-laser sensitivity. It is known to dramatically reduce the appearance of a wide range of scars.

It has also proven to work well on a more youthful skin when treating acne and breakouts. 

 Young Skin


Wesson Therapeutics ingredients are Free from Parabens, Drying Sulphates, Petrochemicals, Artificial Fragrances and SD Alcohol. It makes use of high concentrations of soothing botanicals to calm, protect, reduce inflammation and boost anti-oxidants.

The items in the Therapeutic Range are those containing aromatic plant extracts as active ingredients. These items are utilized for the treatment of more serious afflictions such as burns, wounds and post-operative scarring.

The supportive products in the Complementary Range contain non-aromatic plant extracts and are therefore 100% fragrance-free.


Young Skin

The range offers a selection of skin care items for daily use including cleansers, exfoliators, a serum, a complex and a masque. These hypoallergenic items are 100% fragrance-free and suitable for the most sensitive skin.

They are also perfectly suited for after-care treatment following anti-ageing procedures such as Collagen Induction Therapy, Plexr, Laser Therapy as well as Micro Dermabrasion.

 Young Skin



Ideal for use on burns and abrasions to protect and promote healing of the epidermis.

How to Apply
Apply to compromised areas every 4-6 hours or as often as required. The Resurfacing Balm is also highly effective for cracked skin, such as heels or nipples (due to breast feeding), and exceptionally dry skin (apply sparingly over the usual moisture cream). 


Resurfacing Balm



Contains botanical extracts that are well known for their positive effect on scar tissue.

How to Apply
Apply directly to the scar using the roll on applicator. Use daily for 6 weeks for best results. 

 Scar Repair



(15ml jar)

This natural balm contains activated oxygen as well as anti-microbial plant extracts such as tea tree. The Ozone Balm is ideal for use on small, localized areas to help combat infection. Recommended for fever blisters, pimples, as well nail fungal infections.

How to Apply
Apply sparingly to affected areas. Can be applied with an ear bud to concentrate the application as a pimple treatment.

Caution: Avoid contact with nostrils, lips and eyes. 


Ozone Balm


A cleansing gel suited for use on allergy-prone or sensitive skin types. It contains jojoba extract to moisturise and prevent dehydration. 100% fragrance free

How to Apply
Using a small amount of gel, lather between the hands. Apply the foam to the skin using gentle circular movements for approximately one minute. Rinse well. Pat dry and apply the Calming Facial Mist.



This soothing facial mist is ideal for hydrating and calming sensitive skin. Ideal for use after removal of Emollient Gel Wash to restore the acidic pH of the epidermis. The formulation contains a high concentration of cotton seed extract to desensitize. 100% fragrance free

How to Apply
Apply on slightly damp cotton wool or spray a fine mist onto the skin, avoiding contact with eyes. Highly recommended for use after treatments such as laser resurfacing or Hydroxy Acids Peel treatments. For increased the cooling, the product can be put in the fridge.

Face Mist


This oil-free serum contains bio-available vitamin C as well as hyaluronic acid, a natural component of healthy, young skin. In addition, aloe vera helps sooth and hydrate.

How to Apply
Apply sparingly to a cleansed and toned complexion. Allow to dry slightly before application of moisturizer.

Repair Serum


The Recovery Cream helps restore the skin’s equilibrium by replenishing moisture and lipid levels. Ideal for sensitive, dry skin condition such as eczema. Also highly recommended for sensitised skin conditions following treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. Ideal for dry climates. 100% fragrance free.

How to Apply
Apply as a day and/or night cream.


 Recovery Cream



The Moisturizing Cream has a light texture and is ideal for young, combination skin types that are prone to dehydration and sensitivity.

How to Apply
Apply as a day and/or night cream.

Moisturising Cream


Squalane is a lipid produced naturally by your own skin cells. But the amount of squalene your body produces declines with age. This oil-based complex has a light texture and should be applied over a moisturizing cream to seal moisture and protect the complexion against the elements.

How to Apply
Apply over the day cream and or night cream.

 Squalane Complex


This product contains an ultra-fine powder to gently polish away dry, keratinized skin cells. Although oil-based, this product transforms into a milky texture with the addition of water.

How to Apply
Apply to cleansed, towel-dried skin. Using very light circular movements for 1 minute, follow with Calming Facial Mist to restore the acidic pH of the skin.


 Micro Exfoliant


This exfoliating gel is ideally suited for allergy-prone complexions.

How to Apply
Apply to cleansed, towel-dried skin. The product can be used in the bath, since steam increases the effectiveness of the enzymes. Follow with Calming Facial Mist to
restore the acidic pH of the skin. For best results.

 Enzymatic Exfoliant


The Hydrating Gel contains hyaluronic acid gel to provide an intensive moisture boost. Soothing botanical extracts of cotton seed and aloe vera assist in desensitizing your skin.

How to Apply
Apply as a masque after removal of the Micro Exfoliant. Rinse to remove after 20 minutes. Always apply a moisturizer and the Squalane Complex after removal of the mask. 

Hydrating Gel


A healthier alternative to sunscreens that contain high levels of chemicals. This sunscreen is not waterproof. It is necessary to re-apply after sport or swimming.

How to Apply
Apply daily at the conclusion of the skin care routine.

Suncreen SPF30


This product is ideal for eczema on the body, and may be blended with the Squalene Complex or Resurfacing Balm for extremely dry skin conditions.


Multi Purpose Cream



This pure glycerin bar is exceptionally mild and ideal for sensitive skin types. It is non-fragranced and formulated at the correct pH.


Cleansing Bar 150g


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