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Brasil Cacau Hydrating Hair Complex 200ml - Salon 33 Online

Brasil Cacau Hydrating Hair Complex 200ml

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A nourishing hair restoration mask that hydrates, restructures and strengthens hair for a natural shine. Use after shampoo for enhanced benefits. Apply and leave in the hair to allow the concentrated ingredients to penetrate through the hair cuticle to restructure the hair from the inside out for healthier finish free of frizz and static. Also works well to counter dryness to help with styling.

Regenerates the inner and outer layers of the hair to promote a smoother and shinier look while reducing frizz. A popular choice for those who have had a keratin reconstruction treatment and commonly used with the shampoo and as an occasional substitute for the conditioner. Ideal for coarse, unruly locks with frizz and static. Use consistently for improvement in hair condition.

How to use:

Use as an occasional substitute for the Anti Frizz Conditioner for more intense moisture. After shampooing, apply to hair and massage from roots to tips. Leave-in time depends on degree of frizz and hair type.