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Vitaderm Skin Care Brightening Trio Pack - Salon 33 Online

Vitaderm Skin Care Brightening Trio Pack

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Increase luminosity with Vitaderm’s Brightening Trio Pack. The items in this skin care selection contain advanced active ingredients that promote an even skin tone and an overall healthier complexion. Ideally, these products from the ADVANCED ACTIVE RANGE should be used in conjunction with the basic skin care items in the PHYTO ACTIVE RANGE. It is essential to apply sunscreen daily when following a skin brightening program.


This oil-free gel-serum contains ascorbic acid-2-glucoside as well as hyaluronic acid, making it the ideal skin brightening and anti-ageing product to counteract free-radical damage and promote collagen production. Apply daily underneath the day and/or night cream.


An innovative formulation that helps inhibit tyrosinase and melanin synthesis while also offering powerful anti-oxidant benefits to promote a brighter complexion and a visible reduction in uneven skin pigmentation. Apply the cream in the morning and/or evening and follow with the Tissue Repair Complex.


A nourishing face and body complex of phyto extracts that offers outstanding cell regenerative properties and protects against trans-epidermal moisture loss. Apply the complex over the appropriate day- or night treatment cream. Alternatively, add a few drops to the treatment cream before application for additional conditioning benefits.