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Wesson Ozone Balm from Salon 33 Hair Co

Wesson Therapeutics Ozone Balm 15ml

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Therapeutic Range

This natural balm contains activated oxygen as well as anti-microbial plant extracts such as tea tree. The Ozone Balm is ideal for use on small, localized areas to help combat infection. Recommended for fever blisters, pimples, as well as fungal infections of the nailbed due to its highly anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties.  This formulation is extremely effective for oxygenation of painful joints such as knees and elbows (tennis elbow).  Also, very useful for twisted ankles especially with bruising and swelling.

Conditions: Acne, Bruising
Afflictions: Athlete's Foot, Fungal Infections, Nailbed Infection


Apply sparingly to affected areas. When applying the Ozone Balm to the face, use an earbud to apply the balm only to the affected areas. Caution: Ozone can be irritating to the mucous membrane. Avoid contact with nostrils, lips and eyes.