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Quick Grow Hair Conditioner 250ml - Salon 33 Online

Quick Grow Hair Conditioner 250ml

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Quick Grow Hair Conditioner

Your hair will naturally grow at a rate of about half inch a month, totaling 6 inches in a year. Your hair is always in a growth cycle. Some of the hairs are growing while others are resting. Which means all your hair follicles are never in the same cycle. 

Hormonal changes, health issues, and genetics all are contributing factors in the disruption of your hair-growth cycle. As you age, your hair growth will also slow down. You may also have to contend with dry and damaged hair which may break off during the growth cycle, further affecting hair growth.

Our thick creamy conditioner from Quick Grow contains advanced amino’s which are scientifically formulated to create the perfect hair growing condition on your scalp. It also nourishes and replenishes with essential minerals, vitamins and amino’s that might have been removed during shampooing.

The importance of conditioning helps close the hair cuticle back down after the shampooing. Through regular use you will begin to notice your hair will remain lustrous and shiny throughout the growth cycle.


The conditioner is specifically designed to be used on the roots and scalp. Having the correct moisture and mineral balance on the scalp is vital to hair growth and its overall growth performance.

  1. Gently squeeze the moisture out of your hair with your hands.
  2. Decant a small amount of conditioner into your damp hands and spread across your hands and fingertips.
  3. Starting at your ends, gently smooth your hands over your mid-lengths to ends for even saturation.
  4. If you still have enough product on your hands, proceed up all the way to your scalp. Remember to focus on your roots as well.
  5. Avoid using too much conditioner as it will make your hair feel heavy.
In-Salon tips:
  • Book regular trims at the Salon to maintain that healthy hair from breakage and split ends which can affect your hair length.
  • Whilst in the Salon ask for a scalp massage which will increase circulation and encourage hair growth. 

If you’re looking for fast and effective visible results, we encourage you to use this conditioner in conjunction with the Quick Grow Shampoo and Supplements.   

Ideally washing with the Shampoo and Conditioner every second day whilst taking 2 capsules daily.

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