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Quick Grow Shampoo 250ml - Salon 33 Online

Quick Grow Shampoo 250ml

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Quick Grow Shampoo

Sulphate & Paraben Free.

DEA Free (compounds used as emulsifying agents).

Pink apple fragrance.

Fast acting hair growth formula.

If you have been growing your hair for what feels like forever but aren’t seeing any results, it could be time to mix up your hair care routine with our Quick Grow products. We have seen the results in our Salon and It is going to work fast to strengthen and grow your hair.

This creamy nourishing shampoo which gently cleanses the scalp, preparing it to receive the right levels of amino's designed to improve your inner health. We can ensure it will get to the root of your hair for amazing shine and healthy hair.

For best results, we always encourage our clients when using our topical ranges, to be used in conjunction with our supplements to achieve your desired hair results.


If you’re looking for fast and effective visible results, we encourage you to use this conditioner in conjunction with the Quick Grow Conditioner and Supplements.   

Ideally washing with the Shampoo and Conditioner every second day whilst taking 2 capsules daily.

Quick Grow Hair Conditioner


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